Portfolio of Facebook Applications

I’ve built over 600+ Facebook Applications, here is a sample of about 100+


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Website Optimization on clicks

As web traffic becomes harder to achieve, we should try to focus our attention on better optimization of content and the visitor traffic flow.
What is better, 100,000 views with a 1% click rate or 10,000 with a 10% click rate? Its numerically equal but the time and effort to drive 100K visitors will take more work than the 10K. Having less traffic but being focused on that traffic works out better in a number of ways including for SEO purposes.
I have a few websites that I spent time on the traffic funnel, and really optimizing the revenue I was getting for the traffic.

So my traffic is way down ūüôĀ but my main goal is to drive clicks to ads and that is way up ūüôā 5+% as opposed to 1+%




Search Engine Marketing Stats

recently I had a discussion about stats and what can be accomplished through proper SEO practices.  Even if your traffic is stagnant and no to little growth happens, you can still achieve better earning by focusing on your User flow, and how to optimize conversions.  The focus on my site is to drive traffic to Google Adsense.  Optimizing add placement and creating better funnel for traffic can really help increase conversions.  Check out these stats.

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WebProjects – map based

Fully responsive, tactile, map based User Generated Content (UGC) platform where the community uploads travel video/photo tips and tags the location of the destination. The user can explore the map and view, rate relevance/value, comment on, and social share the content. With Google Street View integration the user can virtually explore the area where the travel tip is based on.

Value to the organization;
– community rated UGC content which can be used for product intelligence, campaign landing pages, and blog content,
– behavioural data based on browsing, viewing, and rating activity which can be used for marketing personalization and optimization,

– Social data acquisition which can be aggregated and analyzed to identify product trends and opportunities, customer segmentation, and marketing personalization and optimization.

Built on Laravel PHP framework with Angular and Twitter Bootstrap, the platform leverages Gigya Registration as a Service (RaaS), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Maps, Google Street View, Brightcove Video Platform, Facebook and Twitter API integration, and an in-house built ratings system.

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